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Fred A. Anderson Elementary School

Christina Warren » Christina Warren ~ Fred A Anderson School Nurse

Christina Warren ~ Fred A Anderson School Nurse

Hi!  My name is Christina Warren and I have been employed with Fred A. Anderson Elementary School since 2014.  I received my Bachelor of Science in Nursing from ECU in 2005 and obtained National Board Certification for School Nursing in 2015.   


I believe students must be Healthy to be educated and educated to be Healthy!Image result for school nurse

Please contact me with any medical conditions and concerns.  

For a list of required immunizations for NC schools please follow the link:

Reminder:  If your child is new to NC Public Schools the NC Health Assessment Transmittal Form must be completed within 30 days of enrollment:
If your child must have medication of any type given during school hours, including over-the-counter drugs, you have the following choices:
1) You may come to school and give the medication to your child
2) You may have the medication form completed by your physician and bring in the medication in the original unopened container for over-the-counter or pharmacy labeled bottle for prescription medications.  The medication will be administered according to the doctor's order.
3) You may discuss with your doctor an alternate schedule for administering the medciation
Students are not to transport medication to or from school. An adult must bring the medication to the school office.
 If your child is allergic to certain foods or needs special accommodations for mealtime please see the link below.